For high-concept shows in which practical locations either aren’t available or don’t exist, Stargate has developed 3D Virtual Backlot Previs, which allows show designers to interact with virtual sets designed, modeled and textured by Stargate artists.  As a pre-production and on-set tool, show creators are empowered to explore their virtual sets through an immersive environment, which previews the final composited shots on a Green Screen stage.  In addition to shot design, scene blocking and lighting, the 3DVB Previs also provides a fast, inexpensive way to determine which elements of a location (props, set pieces, etc) should be practical vs virtual.

Production Services

From its inception, Stargate Studios has been recognized for its creative and technical innovations in film and television production. Equally adept in pre-production planning, live action production and post-production finishing, the Stargate creative and production teams provide “end-to-end” solutions for today’s challenging productions. From the latest digital cameras, innovative green screen setups, immersive camera rigs and motion control systems, Stargate can bring the best VFX production expertise and the latest innovative production technologies to your production.


Amazing visual sequences are often a carefully integrated combination of elements layered together into a seamless mind-blowing experience. Whether integrating live-action elements or complex CG assets, Stargate has an experienced compositing team capable of rising to any challenge.  The 2D pipeline is based around Stargate’s proprietary Virtual Operating System (VOS), which connects all the Stargate artists and facilities with the state-of-the-art compositing tools including NUKE, After Effects and a host of other complimentary software.

The Virtual Backlot Library

A compilation of over 200,000 stock footage clips, virtual environments, CG props and VFX elements, Stargate’s “Virtual Backlot” library is a powerful tool to enhance any VFX scene.  Essential for photo-real scene augmentation like pyro, rain or snow enhancements, all the way to complete background replacement and immersive environments, Stargate’s Virtual Backlot is an extremely effective, affordable solution to many complex VFX needs.


Stargate has a skilled editorial staff adept with Avid Adrenaline, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and DVS Clipster. Stargate’s talented editors collaborate on projects supporting a VFX pipeline serving Stargate’s Episodic TV and Feature film clients.


Stargate’s 3D CG department engineers everything from set extensions and immersive photo-real environments, to fully modeled and rigged characters. In a digital world, where anything is possible, it’s the 3D conceptual design and planning of our experienced artists that makes the difference — saving time and money and creating a fully-integrated viewing experience.

Matte Painting

Matte painting is one of the most valuable, dramatic, and cost-effective assets in cinema and television today. From extending a set or location, to recreating scenes from the past, or creating entire worlds in the future, matte painting offers a visual range and scope otherwise implausible or unaffordable in most productions.

Virtual Reality

Immersive 360 experiences are at the cutting-edge of entertainment and industry.  The potential applications for VR are boundless with opportunities in narrative entertainment, gaming, interactive and industrial usage.  Stargate leverages its years of experience of digital acquisition with its mastery of Visual Effects tools to create integrated experiences for this emerging technology.