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Hollywood’s New Up-and-Comers? Autistic Young Adults.

By April 17, 2015 No Comments

Detail-oriented and technically skilled, young adults with autism are finding surprise careers in the film and television industries. Exceptional Minds received its own kind of validation last June, when one of its first graduates, 24-year-old Kevin Titcher, accepted a job at Stargate Studios. “I’m looking for talent. I don’t care where it comes from or what kind of wrapper it comes in,” says Stargate CEO Sam Nicholson. He has partnered with the school, offering on-the-job training to students, and was quick to note Titcher’s attention to detail when rotoscoping. “A lot of people find it redundant. But Kevin has an amazing ability to concentrate and not get bored with something,” Nicholson says. “Each frame has to be perfect, and he is a perfectionist.”

“Perfectionist” is a label Titcher is eager to take on. “Of course I’m still learning,” he says matter-of-factly. “It’ll take time, but eventually I’ll be a master.”

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