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  • Design & Previsualization

    • To assist the director, producers, and DP to analyze shots, scenes, or sequences, Stargate provides upfront script evaluation, storyboarding and previsualization services. This includes storyboards and 3D animatics to help determine best camera position, movement, lens size, set elements, and green screen placement. For high concept shows (where many of the locations don't exist) Stargate has developed 3DVB Previs which allows show designers to move around inside a low res 3D immersive environment to determine best angles and shots. The 3DVB Previs also provides a fast, inexpensive way to determine which elements of a location should be practical vs virtual.

  • Production Services

    • From its inception, Stargate Studios has been recognized for its creative and technical innovations in film and television production. Equipped with the latest film and HD video cameras, smart stages, and proprietary post production techniques, Stargate is well equipped to handle most productions. As a leader in digital imaging technologies, ARRI, Sony, and Canon regularly ask Stargate to help develop and promote their latest cameras, including pioneering developments in stereoscopic production techniques. Stargate Studios provides a complete array of production services with fully equipped shooting stages, full suite of 35mm film and HD cameras, specialized green screen rigs, portable motion control systems, and complete lighting and grip packages.

  • compositing

    • The most amazing and memorable visual sequences are often a carefully integrated combination of elements layered and massaged together into a seamless mind-blowing experience. At Stargate Studios, all our artists are connected -- online in real time -- so that 3D, Matte Painting, Editorial, and Compositing can work together, crafting each element, layer, and image into the perfect seamless shot.

  • 3d

    • Whatever world you can imagine, we can create in 3D. From immersive, photo real environments to real life characters, our 3D CG department can make it happen. The more important question is what needs to be 3D and what can be created in live action, miniatures, matte painting, and compositing. In a digital world where anything is possible, it's the 3D conceptual design and planning of our experienced artists that makes the difference -- saving time and money and creating the most satisfying experience.

  • Matte Painting

    • At Stargate Studios we believe that matte painting is one of the most valuable, dramatic, and cost effective assets in cinema and television today. From extending a set or location, to recreating scenes from the past, or creating entire worlds in the future, matte painting offers a visual range and scope otherwise implausible or unaffordable in most productions.

  • Editorial

    • We currently have an 8 person staff skilled on the Avid Nitrous DS, Adrenaline, Express, Adobe Premiere and DVS Clipster. With our well equipped tape room capable of working with HDSR, HD CAM, D5 and XD CAM for HD and Digi Beta, Beta SP, and DV Cam for NTSC, we can accommodate many of your needs. Our DVS Clipster is the main Input/Output station, which enables us to work with many formats from NTSC up to HD 4:2:2 and HD 4:4:4. Having many talented Avid Editors we are capable of handling different kinds of offline and online projects.